Many artists don’t like doing commissions, but I enjoy  the challenge of getting colors and design to fit a client’s space and vision.

Double Triangles commissioned by a client.

Double Triangles commissioned by a client

Here’s the way commissions are usually done:

  • Talk to the client either via a phone call or email to get a general idea of the vision for the piece. If the client chooses a current design, there is no commission charge. Otherwise there is a $100 charge for the design, etc.
  • Location visit with color samples or send color samples via email or snail mail.
  • Sketch a few design ideas
  • Choose one and finalize details. A deposit is required going forward.
  • Dye the yarns. 
  • Begin weaving. This step will depend on what’s already on the loom and/or what’s already scheduled. Usually a project can be completed in four to six weeks, but that depends on the intricacies  the design.