A Wonderfully Routine Day

I hate to say it, but routine is nice.  Routine sounds so boring, but I have to admit I have been looking forward to a boring, routine day.  This day got off to a rough start because the morning newspaper wasn’t here to have along with my coffee.  But I did my weaving, then started in on the minimum of housework.  It was nice to be able to work in the kitchen without having to deal with a stopped up sink (plumber was out this week).  The laundry is washed, the floors are vacuumed, furniture is dusted, and the sun is shining!  All’s right with the world—at least for this day.  Now off to Borders to have coffee and read the local alternative weekly newspaper—our Sunday treat.  Tonight will be spent working on finishing the scans of old slides.  Amazing what you can find in old, forgotten pictures!  Hope to make a DVD of the slides, but have never done that before.  Another work in progress.

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