After Christmas vacation



About a year and a half ago, I was barely getting through the day. At some point, I don’t remember now, I heard about I done this. It’s a free online calendar where you list what you got done that day. Everyday I got a reminder email, which I replied with what I did that day. I’m telling you, some days it was nap, shower, and wash hair, but gradually things improved. And for you naturally organized doers, this probably sounds pretty strange. After more than a year of keeping this calendar, it is nice to look back and see what has been accomplished. Which brings me to another stage….

I’ve been thinking about things that I need to start doing to chop that to-do list down. Several months ago, I created a huge to-do dump list, writing down everything I’ve ever thought about getting done. I mean EVERYTHING! The good thing about forgetting that list existed? I got to draw lines through a lot of the items on the list. Tah dah!

It is time to get back to where I was in my weaving world. It’s time to start jotting done those to-do items regarding to weaving and art. After the kids leave, it should be time to hit the floor running, although I’m sure there will be a let down period. I always hate to see family go home.

So…May all our weaving days—and others—be shiny and bright.

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