What do you find yourself noticing most when you travel? Guess it depends where you travel to, right? I have just recently returned from Arizona, where I did a big loop around the state. Besides the obvious, mountains, I found myself fascinated with the desert plants.

I found this grouping of magazines interesting in Bookman's

I found this grouping of magazines interesting in Bookman’s

Snow-in-Flag After taking care of the car rental, I drove to Flagstaff to visit my son and daughter-in-law. On my first morning, I woke up to snow! Yes, snow covered the ground, and it was beautiful, but I’m not a big fan of snow, especially if I might have to get out in it. However the streets were wet, so it was not a problem. It snowed big, wet flakes off and on all of this windy day. Besides the government shut down, we now had weather to affect what we might do. Plus, my concern was getting back over the mountains to other parts of the state.

After Flag, I drove to Tucson. While driving, many more plants got my attention. I knew that I wanted to go to Bisbee and Tombstone, so that came next. Then I worked on the plants. Of course, the Saguaro National Park was closed, but Tucson does have the Sonora Desert Museum nearby where many of the plants are identified. They also have an art institute there with lovely art by local artists, plus many pages of government drawings and informational pages that were done by government scientist in the early 1900s.

I did absolutely nothing yarn or weaving related in the usual sense. However, I did take pictures of native pottery in the Museum of Northern Arizona, where I made my suitcase much heavier with the purchase of a large book on horse masks. I also took lots of pictures of plants that I found interesting. I think those will end up in some weaving at some point, not as a pictorial piece, but in some abstract way.

Bisbee with its buildings on the sides of hills

Bisbee with its buildings on the sides of hills

Those will come later–I’m still mulling those over. In the meantime, here are some typical tourist photos.


Wall in Bisbee


Love this--Sweet Sin

Love this–Sweet Sin

Spooky eyes in the second floor windows

Spooky eyes in the second floor windows


Tombstone–where else?



1000 steps–no I didn’t climb up

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