Artist statements

Heist While weaving and taking care of my floppy warp, I’ve been listening to The Heist by Daniel Silva.  There’s a lot of art in this book, kind of spy novel, art novel, heist novel. The main character is an art restorer of really old art, when he’s not a spy. Pretty interesting overall. After reading Silva’s bio, I realize that I’ve never read on of his books before, and I’m late to the game as far as the main character is concerned. He has been in Silva’s last nine books.

For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about artist statements, you know, that gobbledygook group of words that seem to be a requirement for artists. How can one make those words more interesting? What can those words be that would engage someone in the art, not the words? Have you ever read an artist statement that really “spoke” to you? How did it speak to you? Got your attention?

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