Changing palettes

BrownsFor a couple of years I have been thinking about doing something in browns and blacks. I tried some new dyes, made some samples, dyed some skeins with different formulas, all in the search for some browns that I liked. Some are good, some not. The not-so-good yarns will be overdyed with another color. Now that I have all these skeins, it’s time to do something with them. With that in mind, along with various other thoughts, I am now weaving with browns. I have also decided to work on a series after reading about taking a design you like and expanding on the idea with many designs based on the original one. That idea and geodes keep talking to me. Here’s the cartoon for the original idea.Swirl_cartoon I’m going to try and push this until I get sick of it or bored, whichever comes first. However, I doubt I’ll stick with browns for long. I’m thinking malachite…

On the finding structure front—It’s actually going pretty well. While waiting in the doctor’s office, a health piece was playing about getting more sleep. I already knew this, but they mentioned turning off “screens” an hour before it’s time for sleep. That may be my next baby step. There are so many things that need improving, it’s hard to decide which one to go to next.

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