Color-lots and lots of color


This morning I walked to my loom and noticed how great all the brightly colored weft butterflies looked. Well, the picture just doesn’t capture that deliciousness. This is an experiment while I get the rest of the yarns dyed for the next project. I also changed the sett, which means that I have now re-sleyed the reed about a jillion times. 6 epi for now. So, what do you think this will be? 60 inches wide, and I’m thinking 5-8 inches high. Lots of bright colors.

5 thoughts on “Color-lots and lots of color

  1. Helen Conway

    such a short post yet there are no less than five things you said there I don’t understand:) I guess I need a lesson. Still, I can see it looks very enticing!!

  2. Sherri Post author

    Not understand? How can that be? So, I looked back over the post, and yes, there’s lots to not understand. I apologize to all the non-weavers out there. It’s kind of like reading a conversation among quilters! 😉 😉 The colors do look great hanging down like that, though. Who knows how the final result will turn out.

  3. Vivien Zepf

    I’m with Helen; thank heavens a picture’s worth a 1000 words because I don’t understand weaving language… 🙂


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