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imageEven though I am so NOT an interior decorator, I enjoy reading a few blogs relating to interior design and color. One of my favorite is called Color Me Happy written by Maria Killam. There’s always lots of pictures, lots of information, and Maria is so knowledgeable about color and undertones.

Thanks to Donna Kallner I got to add another blog to the list—Colourlovers. Check it out.

The blogs listed below are not strictly about color, but include design inspiration.

You might also want to check out Donna’s Spoonflower page. She’s designed some great fabrics. I may want to try that myself someday. Hmmm…if only I sewed—long story there.

This is not a blog, but couldn’t resist ‘cause the colors are so great. It’s from Oprah’s website—who knew? There’s a whole group of pictures with teal goodies.

And then there’s this by Joel Cooper, found on Colossal Art and Design. Isn’t this wonderful! Made from one sheet of paper! Take a look at his masks, seen at the above link.

In weaving news—I finished the new piece in two weeks! That’s a first for me. AND the next warp is tied on, ready to go, only waiting for the yarns to ball themselves. Between the long weaving days, sorting files, organizing, and regular stuff, well, there’s not time for anything else.

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