Color Two (and too)

imageDidn’t you just love it when the new school year started? That fresh, never-been-used box of colors? Those new colors were wonderful!

I think my sense of color came from my mother. I can remember her pointing out colors along the country roads as we drove to my grandparents’ house. I can remember casual conversations of what “goes together” from an early age. Of course, those go-together colors have changed over the years and have expanded to include combinations that probably weren’t acceptable then.

imageThis picture from the newsletter by Melissa Anne really appealed to me. I love the colors together. And, need I say it? Do you see the purple? I usually like bright colors, but these subdued colors here charmed me. Take a look at her other photographic work here and on Facebook.

Look at the colors in the shells from a slideshow of seashells from NY Times. This picture reminds me that I have been intending to weave some more color gradation pieces. Maybe the time has come.

Below is a quote from the Times slideshow page.

“The Book of Shells” by M. G. Harasewych and Fabio Moretzsohn covers a wide range of shells, a shell being the external skeleton of the creature that lives within it. Each shell, whether brightly striped or bland and pale, shines in its own way. Begin the slide show for examples of shells described in the book.

I can see doing something with the color, shape, and pattern on these shells. Maybe something utilizing ikat?


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