Crazy weather

Crazy weather It seems that all over the country everyone is having crazy weather. We’re used to extreme temperature drops here, but not in April. Yesterday when I watched the local news at 6 pm, it was above 100 in south Texas and below freezing in the panhandle. Where I live, the temp has dropped from 70s to 40s. And it’s raining! We need it! Rainy days make for perfect days to work in the studio. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do right now!

But first, a few pictures that are interesting to me. The one above comes from an article about an auction of Hopi artifacts. Check out the slideshow for other nice pictures. I love these pieces!  Orange-Fabric And I know that there are all kinds of issues with this auction, but that’s the kind of thing that’s better with an in-person discussion.

These two pictures were taken with my phone in Joann’s. (Maybe I should check out Instagram some day–in my spare time.)  These are fabrics for, I don’t know…prom dresses? The pic at the bottom is a close-up of the other red/orange pic. They are all three dimensional. Don’t know about sitting on those flowers though….Thoughts? And what’s your weather like now?                                               Purple-fabric Orange-Fabric-Detail


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