Details, details

I’m working on the finishing of Señor Fish and while I’m doing it, I’m thinking about his name. I was first thinking of a name in Spanish which would denote his origins. However, my mother suggested that “fish” should be in the title in case someone couldn’t tell that he was a fish. Hmmm…

The other part of finishing this little guy is his eye. I couldn’t decide what color to weave his eye, so compromised with a blend of a different gold than his body and orange. It just looks like a dirty spot in the finished product. I currently have a red needle-felted piece for his eye. I’ll live with that while doing the finishing on the warp ends. One option is to do some couching as an outline around the felted part. We’ll see.

I’d like to get fish finished and photographed by the 15th for an entry in a fiber show. Nothing like the last minute, right?

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