As in befuddled, distracted, etc.

Yesterday the roofers were here, finished about 6, but left the gooseneck trailer full of old shingles in the driveway. G and I went to dinner, and I parked in the driveway behind the trailer. About 9 I hear a knock on the door. I’m thinking, okay, what do I do. I asked who it was (I know, probably not wise), and it was the guy back for the trailer. So, I have to go out, wait for them to tarp the trailer, hitch it up, before I can move my car back. I’m glad I wasn’t in bed when they come, a fairly frequent happening around here.

So, today

Woke up too late, cleaned out the dyepots, filled ’em up, printed out all the amounts needed of all ingredients and added them to the pots, turned on the propane tank…and.. it’s empty. Time for plan B. Then the head honcho for the roofing company came out to inspect the job and, of course, pick up a check. Since I had to go to town anyway, I went to a couple of nurseries for tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. And, foolishly, a couple of gardenia plants. It’s really too hot and not acid enough in my area for gardenias, but I have great memories of them, so am going to attempt. I arrived home to a message from my insurance agent about new insurance for the house and took care of that. He was able to e-mail me the paperwork, and I signed and faxed it back to him. Isn’t technology great!

When I went to Lowe’s for the propane tank, I also looked at track lights to potentially use for my booth lighting. My friend told me about this nifty thing that plugs into the end so you can use a regular outlet for power.

Then did some mowing and preparing the new self-watering pot for a tomato plant—that’s what the picture above is. Came from Gardeners Supply Company. Didn’t get finished with the mowing … it’s gotten so high it’ll take a little bit. But the mower started right up, so be grateful for small things. Tomorrow the tomato plants, dyeing, more mowing, etc. Gosh it would be nice to weave too.

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