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Dyeing was to begin, and it did, but not without a snafu first. The yarn was in the dye pots, burners turned on, and I went back inside and set the timer. When I went out again, the burners were off and the propane tank empty. I attached a new tank (which I know was full because it was so heavy) and nothing happened. A bit of flame, then nothing. So, off to the propane place to refill the first tank. By then it was too late in the day, so everything was started again the next morning.  I untied the first sections so that I can weave even it the other sections are not dyed yet.  My big fear now is that the sections are going to be in different dye baths. Even if everything is done carefully, each dye bath will vary somewhat in color.

Stretched yarn tied

Stretched yarn has been tied with the design. The cartoon is visible beneath the stretched yarn.

Ikat-tied yarn pile

Ikat-tied yarn pile




Ties removed


Hanging to dry. From here, the sections are wound into balls and then put on a rug shuttle. The labels will remain until the section is ready to be woven.


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