Getting personal and studio stuff

Here’s the personal part

For a long while I have thought about volunteering at the Women’s Center of Tarrant County. Then I would check into it, see what kinds of things volunteers would do, looked at the application, see that it asks for references, and with that, ignore the whole thing. I guess nothing appealed enough to go to the trouble to ask people to be a reference. Shows you how dedicated I am!

Recently, however, I heard a program on NPR about mentally challenged rape victims and had a visceral reaction that I needed to help. I went to an informational meeting. I signed up to be a volunteer for rape crisis and victim services. I’ve filled out a detailed questionnaire and the volunteer form–yes, with references.

I go for an interview today. If I am accepted, there is lots of training involved and a time commitment of 18 hours per month made up of three 6-hour on-call segments. Frankly, that’s the scary part: the time commitment. For a year. I’ll worry about that later. If I pass the interview.

In the studio

blue purple ikat

The ikat with blues and purples that I wrote about here and here, is finally off the loom.  Above you can see it as woven. Below, you can see it if I hang it vertically. I kind of like it that way. I was aiming for a painterly effect, so I just kind of let things flow as I was weaving and didn’t worry too much about the ikat edges.


I haven’t decided on the presentation yet. Mount on canvas? Hang from a board? I’ll wait until the ends are taken care of and try a couple of things out. It’s only about 28.5 x 15 inches.

Next project

Magentas with a bit of red, purple, and aubergine. And more mohair.

Next project

Magenta on the board



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  1. Sherri Post author

    Yep, that’s the scariest part. Had my interview, was accepted. Twenty hours of training begins this week. I’m looking forward to it.


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