Going nuts

Just to prove that I am going nuts, I am now receiving the Wall Street Journal. This is a free subscription from using expiring airline miles—you know, those miles that have collected but there’s not enough to do anything with and then they expire. But back to the Wall Street Journal—if it wasn’t for the local news, I would read only the WSJ. Lots of good stuff in there from all over the country and world. Even art and books! And ridiculously ostentatious abodes, like this 48,000 square foot house in Texas. But aside from the time involved in reading another newspaper, think of the doubling of the mound of newspapers building up. Maybe I can get the recycling folks come to me.

I enjoyed reading the article Dealers Catch Up to a Texas Fisherman. It’s about Forrest Bess, who died in 1977. The piece below is titled “Red Rain.” Read the quote below about how the paintings came to be.

“The paintings came to him in a flash, in a half-sleeping state,” says sculptor and Bess enthusiast Robert Gober. “And from that, he would make an image. He never changed it or made it prettier. For him, it was just about getting it down on the page. He was puzzled himself about what these visions were and what they mean.”

Many of the paintings on his website are titled “Untitled.” My kind of guy!

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