Great weather for weaving!


I know, I know…For folks who live in the northern part of the country, this kind of weather forecast is nothing.  For us here in Texas, it’s severe.  Pipes freezing, water-main lines breaking, etc.  At least we’re not expecting much of anything in the way of precipitation, but winds up to 30 mph!  Now that I’ve got some really good firewood stacked up, I plan to stoke up the stove and weave.  Have a new bag of birdseed for the feathered friends, too.  These temperatures mean leaving the water dripping at night, staying in,  and green chile stew in the Crockpot. 

By the way, I used the snipping tool in the Windows Accessories to get that small screen shot above.  I’ve used it for screen shots of work on my computer, but not from a website.  Works pretty well.  Everyone probably uses that all the time, but I’m just now getting familiar with it.  Pretty nifty.

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