Happily weaving away

IMG00140-20090727-1202 IMG00139-20090727-1202

Before I left for Taos, I got my warp ready to weave for my return.  Yesterday I balled up all the yarns needed for this project, then did the knotting and wove the first few inches to reach the tapestry section. I’m weaving a spiral and have been somewhat concerned about weaving the circular shape. However, this spiral is not planned to be evenly circular, and so far, it is going very well. To plan this piece, I just freeform cut out a spiral of paper, plopped it down on paper, and then cut out other freeform shapes. I arranged them all on the background color until they were placed in the places that appeal to me. I took the whole thing to Kinko’s and had my cartoon made by enlarging the plan to the size that I want to weave. The cartoon is fairly large, so I cut it into sections, placed the first section under the warp, attached it with some bulldog clips, and marked the area with permanent markers. That is my guide for weaving. The color that looks blue is actually a pretty intense purple, but as this picture was taken with the phone, well … The real camera is still in the car.

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