Hot, hot, hot! And rain!

So what else is new? It’s hot here, but there’s nothing new about that. But…yesterday we got a little rain. The wind came up, thunder rolled in, pea-size hail beat against the window, and it rained. And my electricity went off. For 13 hours! It was a kind of warm sleep last night. But around 5:30 this morning everything that was on yesterday afternoon came on. I was so tired that I just got up and turned off the lights, turned on the ceiling fan, and went back to bed.

Weaving-Progress I have a goal of weaving six pieces by April. That may or may not be doable. On the piece I’m weaving now, the only part that remains is throwing a shuttle for 15 more inches. I’m glad I’ve got a good book to listen to since shuttle-throwing can get boring. Those 15 inches are all one color, so no color play to watch even. Oh, and that goal of having six new pieces includes the finishing. I’ve got a few that are off the loom, but unfinished.

If you’re in the area, the area, our guild sale is tomorrow. For the first time, we have separated our sale from the biennial show. Back I always like to get towels at the sale–they are so absorbent and beautiful.The potters guild is also having a sale and show in the same location. Plus, lots of openings tonight for the various galleries at the Community Arts Center.

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