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Both Donna and Jan have commented on using index cards for keeping themselves organized, which reminds me—have you bought index cards lately? These days they are so thin and flimsy compared to index cards of only a few years ago. I use index cards to plan menus for the week. Well, for those weeks that I actually plan ahead. That way I can shuffle things around if something comes up that changes the evening plans. And I may try index cards for my daily list of to-dos. At least I could put it in my pocket. I have to admit, though, that I absolutely love having the “smart” phone for keeping my calendar and addresses. When I am out, I don’t have to worry about making an appointment that conflicts with another one, because everything is right there on my phone. If I need to mail something spur of the moment, all of my addresses are there, along with phone numbers. I also have notes on all kinds of things. I started keeping a books list of books that I wanted to check out. That list has now expanded to Books 2009, Books 2010, and now Books 2011. There’s a list of restaurants that we’ve read about and want to try out. I set reminders for myself to take something out of the freezer or a website that I want to check out.

In the how-do-they-do-that department:

This is the design for the Broad Art Foundation in Los Angeles. You can read more here. Does this remind you of those honeycomb decorations? We used white honeycomb bells to make the little ghosts below.image


In the reading—um, listening—department. I am currently listening to The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. It alternates between three time periods: the 1900s, 1975, and 2005, so since I am working while listening, I sometimes forget where I am in the timeline, but overall find this to be an interesting story.

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