It’s a studio again!

Office_furnitureI spent a couple of days getting my studio back in order, moving furniture, clearing out the dregs of things I didn’t know where to put or whether to even keep. The piece above has been moved so many times lately that I hope it is in its permanent location. Thank goodness it comes apart into stacking units. Some of that old office/whatever furniture was constructed in such a clever way! With this piece, each size of drawers, the top, and the bottom stand are made to fit together in whatever configuration you want. I forgot about this piece when I wrote about my obsession with drawers. Even though most of these drawers are not labeled, I know what’s in each one—well, generally. On the left of the picture you can see large notebooks of artist paper, from drawing to watercolor. I have no idea where to store those. Help! Send me your ideas.

Weaving will not start again this week, but I am thinking about tying the warp on again, even though there are things I have to do each day. We’ll see.

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