Mirrix again




Mirrix with warp

My Mirrix is out again, after a long hibernation. I have decided to conquer this. Others rave about their small Mirrix looms, so I know it’s just me. Practice, practice, practice! I have looked at various sources for information. Of course, Mirrix has a great little PDF booklet about warping your loom. They also have a really good video. But here’s the problem–even though I knew exactly where my loom was, some of it’s vital parts were missing, things like the warping bar and the spring that spaces the warp. Luckily, I had ordered a bottom spring set, so one of those went to the top. Then I looked at alternate ways to warp, something that did not require the warp bar. Kathe Todd-Hooker has written a blog post about warping the Mirrix her way–and that’s what I did. I also ordered the parts that I need for my loom.

Now, what to weave. I have lots of ideas for small pieces, at least I did before I warped up. I’m sure they will come to me. There may even be a list somewhere,








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