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Many years ago, I halfway considered getting one of these wringers, thinking it would be worthwhile to squeeze the water out of the newly dyed yarns. This one had platforms that fold up when the wringer is not in use. The platforms are for your laundry buckets, of course. Wet on one side, wrung out on the other side.


I really don’t know what these bags are for. The word on them means bakery in French, I think. They remind me of those bags that folks used to hang on the front of cars in summer. Not knowing much about the inner workings of autos, they somehow were for cooling the car engine. Or maybe it was just extra water to put in the radiator while driving through the desert.


The door to the ladies room in
Chuy’s. Below is the wall that greets one at the entrance to Chuy’s. The color seems to come from colored garden balls, or whatever these things are called. At any rate, very colorful.


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