As I look at this picture, it appears to be an optical illusion in a couple of ways.  What’s most visible, of course, is the yellow shape in the middle.  In “real life” though, it is the violet/blue crosses that are most dominant.  Also, the crosses appear to have a black outlining line around them.  That has a term in the color world, but I’ve forgotten what it is.  They don’t actually have that line.  We have progress here though.  Yeah!  That warm fire and 3 hours of weaving…  There are two more crosses to go, then a couple of inches of yellow, and, voila! Done!  The crosses are gradations of deepening shades of blue violet.Crosses_progress

Speaking of color optical illusions, look at this website.

Back to creativity… I mentioned the Compost and Creativity blog.  I looked last night and there was a doodling/writing exercise to stimulate creativity.  I can’t wait to play with that this evening.

The fun stuff for this day includes a mammogram.  Yippee! she says sarcastically.

We’ve got sunshine!

Of course, the sunshine came with really cold temperatures and wind, but all’s better with a spoonful of sunshine on top!  And there are so many folks in really cold, snowy conditions all over the country right now.  According to the news, many areas have cut back on snowplowing because of budget cuts.  Huge berms of snow in the streets…can’t even imagine.

It’s always interesting what shows underneath the warp when I take a picture of something on the loom.  As the picture is being snapped, I’m not even  conscious of what’s showing through the warp threads.  In this photo you can see a smidgen of orange and the blue/violet before that.  At any rate, this is what’s on the loom, and may still be what’s on the loom until after the holiday season.  If I can just focus, focus, focus ….Orchid_Yellow_Crosses