Plans change


The week did not go as intended. There has been no weaving during the Great Office Clean-up. Sorting through papers and filing is sooo tedious to me. And so is what I’m weaving right now, at least so far. I took a picture of the before, but I’m too embarrassed to show it to anyone, so I’ll include one thing that’s been driving me nuts. All the cables from the printer, modem, router, phone, external backup drive–there may even be strange cables from off the street. It’s hard to tell they’re such a tangled mess. I got what is probably intended as a rolling cart for the kitchen and loaded it up. Even added photo paper, copy paper, labels, printer ink, and it still looks good. And no cables!!! And I love having all my supplies right there. Humans-since-1982


In addition to the office stuff, I went through magazines. In the October Architectural Digest innovators issue, I found a picture that interested me graphically. It was the illustration in a 1/2 page article about Humans since 1982.  Follow that link and see the kinetic sculpture of clocks. It’s kind of like synchronized swimming. It’s worth a visit and wont’ take long.

So, what will I tackle this week? THE STUDIO. More tedium. After that I really do plan to weave. Each piece of the four on the loom has so many butterflies that I got plastic bags to house each cartoon and its butterflies.

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