Close-up of my ties

Close-up of my ties

Two of the ikat sections are untied, which really only equals to one of three parts of my design. There are several steps to this process:

  1. Using a seam ripper to cut the knot
  2. Unwrapping
  3. Soaking in water to “re-fluff” the yarn, which has been compressed by the tape.
  4. Either balling the yarn, or if the section is fairly small, winding it directly on a shuttle

I tie the ikat tape in a double knot, being very afraid it will come loose and I will have bleeding dye. However, I know that ikat tying experts use a bow. I’m thinking that my confidence might be enough now to practice bows for the next sections I tie. Or maybe I will tie the double knot with a bow. That way I can test how the bows hold up to the dye process. Or maybe not use the bow–I just reviewed this video of ikat tying. Will search for others another time.<>

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