Sarah Hood and jewelry


Big Sur
sterling silver, eucalyptus leaves, wool yarn
14” x 14” x .5”
collection of Tacoma Art Museum

Not a lot here about weaving today, but there IS some fiber.

I saw this piece by Sarah Hood in Ornament magazine and became fascinated with the work. I only skimmed the article, but her approach to jewelry seems very interesting. Now, since the above piece is made of what looks like dried eucalyptus leaves, it definitely is a display piece. What a tragedy to break one of those leaves! The above link takes you to a short piece about Ms. Hood. The physical version of the magazine has several pages devoted to her and her jewelry. I like reading about the process and evolution that happens to the art and the artist.

This particular issue of Ornament has many pages dedicated to prehistoric Southwest jewelry and their sites.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Hood and jewelry

  1. Fran

    Thanks for the info about Sarah Hood! I really enjoyed the slide shows of her work. No wonder her jewelry is in museum collections. Simple is always best. (Even if deceptively so!) Fran


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