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The weaving has begun. Yay! And we’re getting rain! Double Yay! Water restrictions in winter? Yep, it was about to happen. At least this long, slow soaker¬† of a rain has postponed that for a while.

Several weeks ago I got the newsletter from Folkwear and saved it to peruse later. I really love the hat above. Why I don’t know–I rarely wear hats of any kind, although I like the idea of hats. This one is called the Metropolitan hat. I always enjoy this newsletter because of all the links to exhibits. There’s on at the Fashion Institute of Technology. There’s an exhibit coming up called Shoe Obsession. I’m not a shoe-obsessed person, but do find the different styles interesting–just don’t make me wear them! And this brings me full circle…I recently visited the website of Kim Bruce Fine Art. She has a whole series called “Heels.” They are cast encasutic, which I have to admit that I know nothing about. I like this quote though:

Pins are thought to be feminine objects yet they are hard, straight and sharp but used with soft, flexible and warm fabrics.

I certainly had never thought of that, but it is so true. Take a look at this series and her other work. She also does websites for artists.


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