Summertime, and the livin’ is HOT

I hate to complain, since so many parts of the country have had much more serious problems, but it’s hot! Really hot! Although the Texas fires may not compare with other fires in AZ and NM, and we haven’t had any floods in ages, I am still complaining about the heat. And drought. By the way, our fires in the North Texas area have started up again, and in some parts of Texas, they have never stopped.

Last night I realized that it really wasn’t cooling down much and that the AC seemed to be running constantly, so I checked the thermometer on the thermostat. 84 inside! And that motor was running all the time. Of course, it was too late to call the repair folks, so sleep was a long time coming. And it’s hard to make yourself work with balling up wool yarns when your dripping with, ahem, sweat. I called this morning, and they can’t come until tomorrow—no surprise there. They also said I should turn off the unit and let the Freon leak thaw out. They can’t work on it while it is frozen with ice. And I thought it was hot before!image

Photo credit: Bradsmitchell

The Hotter ‘n Hell bicycle race is held in Wichita Falls, just a hop, skip, and a jump west of here. Since our summer heat started a month early this year, I think they should push up the date for the race.

Guess I’m having an unscheduled vacation.

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