Jennifer wanted to know about the texture of the piece in the last post. I showed a close-up of that piece in a previous post. After trying a sample last summer, I just recently got around to doing some needle felting around the Xs and Os with some merino roving. It looks good and appears to be structurally sound, but I don’t think I would put it on the floor and walk on it. Of course, I don’t think the size of this piece lends itself to the floor anyway. It measures 33.5 x 46–I think. I’ve got a couple of pieces that I either want to do some more needle felting or other type of surface design, perhaps printing or dyeing. They are rolled up in the collection that needs to have the ends needle woven into the fabric of the rug.

Sunshine again…but cold

Doing more dyeing and weaving today. I find myself really ready for spring, and it’s only Groundhog Day! My desire for spring seems to be coming earlier and earlier every year.


I spent some time yesterday translating the small amounts of the Grey Spoons into what I think are metric equivalents, since all my dyeing is done by metric weight. I think I’ll make a table because those spoons are really easy to use for the smaller amounts needed for lighter colors.

Web Site

I have spent some time updating our guild’s web site with new photos.

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