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Habits, photography, beaters


My photograph

Habits, photography, beaters–now there’s a combination!

In reference to my post about habits, there is good news. My morning walk has become enjoyable! Instead of keeping my eyes forward to the distance goal for the day, my mind has started wandering, often to design and weaving. Yippee! Years ago, I walked five miles daily. One of the best things about that was going out for my walk with some sort of problem in my head and returning home with the solution.



This is a picture (left) taken with a good camera, but you can see how dark the picture is at the top, but especially the bottom, which means I need to learn about lighting.  As I think about this, the top part is because I was blending yarns from different dye lots. There’s a really bad picture–taken with my phone–on the Habit post. It’s not the phone’s fault that the picture is so bad; it’s that I played around with editing it, and the original disappeared. Monday I got a professional photo made (right). Find differences? What do you think? Better? Not worth it? Chime in.



My new beater from Weaving Southwest arrived, and not a minute too soon. I am experimenting with weaving two small pieces at the same time, and this beater works better for this than the loom’s beater.  I love the weight, the length, everything about this beater. The old one is very beat up after being dropped on the floor too many times. I even glued a tine back on, but not successfully.

Do you see things graphically all around you? I do. Things like shadows, lines in a building under construction. Sometimes I detour to take pictures. Yesterday I saw a huge concrete wall being propped up with tall metal rods

Tornadoes Possible    West Texas Snowfall

Tornadoes Possible West Texas Snowfall

which crisscrossed each other. I loved the pattern, but unfortunately, while driving 65 on a busy highway, stopping for pictures is not possible. These small pieces are based on something I (we) see quite frequently on TV, in the newspaper, in social media, etc. I have no idea if they will be successful or not, but I’m experimenting with the rest of the warp on the loom, before I put a new warp of linen on. What everyday stuff appeals to you graphically? Keep a list and let us know.

Favorite tools

Navajo-beater One of my favorite weaving tools is broken, and a replacement has not been found yet. I bought this beater/fork a jillion years ago from Weaving Southwest. It’s about 12 inches long–longer than any others that I’ve been able to find. The spaces are perfect for my 4-epi rug weaving. They are out of stock at Weaving Southwest, so I’ve been looking for others. How did this one get broken? It was dropped too many to times. It only got used when I advanced the warp too far, so most of the time it sat on the bench, only to get knocked off constantly. When/if I find a new beater, I am going to drill a hole in the handle, thread a ribbon through the hole, ad wear it around my neck, like some people do with their scissors.

What are your go-to tools? Do you have a beater you love?