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Adiós, farewell, goodbye

Pottery-Barn-Indigo Yep, we’re here again. Time to say adiós to anther year. Farewell, 2013, to all the good and the not-so-good. And you know it’s a new year when you start getting huge catalogs, like the left. Of course, this one REALLY got my attention. It’s funny, I don’t even shop at Pottery Barn.

I don’t make resolutions or choose a word for the coming year. But I’ve made my to-do lists for 2014, and as usual, they are long, long, long. They are broken down into categories: House (outside and inside), weaving, dyeing, etc. Having these lists would seem overwhelming, except that I have a history of crossing through 75% or more of the items.

One of the things that I want to continue and improve, is my systems, something started in the class with Lisa Call. I always had systems, just not in such an organized way. Now I have my dyeing, ikat, and finishing procedures written down and in a binder. I can note any improvements or changes for next time–and find them! Phone-cases

I didn’t have anything better to do (ha ha), so I played around with telephone cases on CafePress. I thought these looked pretty good. However if you go to the link, you can’t see them, so here’s a picture of the other iPhone cases that I played around with. 2014January

Raging At left is a beer label from Flying Dog brewery. From the name of the brewery, you can see that this label is not made to be offensive. Ha ha! I think it’s banned in a couple of states, though. Love the label. The beer? Not so much. They’ve also got Snake Dog and Underdog. May have to try those and others that they brew. I’m not much of a drinker, so those tastings will wait a while.

2013 was actually pretty good to me. What about you? Do you make resolutions?