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Not busy with weaving, but with all kinds of other obligations. Since In still have not overdyed the yellows for the next project (weather and busyness), I had to have something on the loom. After all, the warp is ready, tied on and spread. So, even though I say I’m not going to, I decided to start of of those multi-colored pieces, using only churro from the Churro Club from Weaving Southwest. We’ll see how long I’ll continue this. As you can see, it’s not centered because I cut off the left side a bit. 

Currently on loom


Part of my busyness was teaching this class at Country Day School. The students were part of the Honor Society Art students. As you can see, girls signed up. It was great fun, but as usual, when you do something for the first time, I learned a few things also. Like warp the looms before The Day.


On the loom and other miscellany

Small piece almost ready to cut off

Small piece almost ready to cut off

At least I’m weaving!

I just have an inch of hem to complete before cutting this off the loom, It’s only 30 x 3 inches, totally spontaneous, until a pattern emerged. I’ve decided to weave another small piece next, using a mix of fall colors. Some will be my own hand-dyed yarn and others will be churro yarns from the Churro Club. I think I’m going to weave it something like the piece below–if I can remember how I did it.

Wildflowers Tapestry, hand-dyed wool, silk on cotton warp 58 x 8.5 inches

Wildflowers, Tapestry, hand-dyed wool, silk on cotton warp, 58 x 8.5 inches

What about this orientation?

Wildflowers, vertical

Wildflowers, vertical

And now for the personal

In the never-ending search for organization, I’ve been trying a new method (for me) of keeping up with my calendar and tasks. Even though it’s so convenient to use my phone for appointments, I still like to use paper to keep up with my to-do list. Here’s where the bullet journal has entered my life, at least as an experiment. I dug out an old notebook to use for now, experimenting with adapting this idea for my use. So far, so good, but the usefulness of using any method is to review it daily, and that’s where I fall down and crash. If this works for me, I will buy a new journal for next year and start fresh again.

Now, for a total non-sequitur–Well, maybe it doesn’t qualify for even that, because a non-sequitur usually has at least something to do with a previous statement–The blog post that has the most views is one from 2012 about cerise and fuchsia. Hmmm….how ’bout that!



Just thinking



Yes! Finally warping! You would think that after so many years of putting on warps, that I’d have this down. Nope. However, I think maybe it’s happening now. I am putting on 33 yards at 6 epi, using the warping wheel set for 3 yards per revolution. Since I have plenty of warp spools, I’m warping six ends at a time, 11 revolutions, placing ends in the reed, and repeating to get a two-inch section. Gee, I hope my math is correct!

A friend posted the picture below of Brownies lined up for summer camp. Dresses? Really? I know we each didn’t a uniform for each day of camp, but what did we wear otherwise? Even the counselor is in a dress. Geez! I asked my mother, but she said we didn’t wear pants, so I guess shorts were out also. I know, growing up in Texas, fashion trends took a couple of years to reach us. Of course, this was before instant communication. I don’t think I wore pants to school until I was in college. Mother said she was fourteen when pants “came in.” The main thing I remember about this camping experience was riding the very early school bus to “town” and having swimming lessons there in the public pool. I remember this whole camping experience with great fondness. We were in second or third grade and spent the night at camp for a week.

Brownie camp

Brownie camp

Yesterday I took my mother on an errand, and couldn’t resist this building. Even though I grew up in this town, I don’t remember noticing the knight in shining armor or the crenellations at the top.

Crenelated roof

Crenellated roof

The Churro Club

Churro club

Churro club Love these colors!

If you don’t know about the Churro Club from Weaving Southwest, let me explain. Every month you receive a box of yarns with colors that are not available in the usual product line. If you want more of the colors, you have to order them before the month ends. I have no idea what I will do with these yarns, but I love getting the new colors each month. It’s like a surprise gift for adults! Aren’t the colors that arrived today wonderful? Teresa and Joe are doing some really innovative things with their business, including the Churro Club and Yarn Bales. Check ’em out.

And then there’s the weather

So, okay, talking about the weather is boring, but … Friday it was 107, the hottest it’s been in ages, maybe years. Then a front came in, bringing a bit of rain, lots of clouds, and temperatures in the 80s. Glorious! Energizing! Maybe I’ll even finish that warp!