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The old fashioned way

The days are busy. After a period of much inactivity, I’m back on track. As much as I try, I can’t always figure out why that happens. Sometimes it’s obvious, others not. The warp is measured to go on the Baby Wolf for a series of small pieces or experimentation. I’m still trying to decide on the next big piece, but the choices are getting fewer.

Warping To do the warp, I hauled out the warping reel, something I haven’t used in ages, wondering if I even remember how to use it. It really doesn’t matter very much if I do make mistakes. The warp is narrow, 8 epi. The reel had lots of webs all over it. Dragged out the card table too. Now to take that warp off, and load the loom.

As an aside, I started to say drug out the card table (instead of dragged), which prompted me to look it up. Isn’t it amazing what information is out there for us to find? Anyway, turns out that drug is not really wrong; it’s dialect. But more formally, one would say dragged. A couple of good sites: Grammar Girl and Grammarist.