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Having a great time!

On the loom

Love the colors!

The colors on the loom are really exciting to me! Even though it’s just throwing a shuttle (which has the ability to be boring), the colors are fun. Here’s a picture of some of the yarns I dyed and balled up lately.

All balled up

The reddish violet one was originally a reddish magenta, which I overdyed with violet and polar red. Not only do I like the color, it turned out as expected. The yellows are dyed with Sabraset Mustard Yellow at 1.5%.

Winding needs improvement

Now, back to that throwing the shuttle thing. For whatever reason, no matter what I do differently, the two strand of yarns are not rolling off the bobbin correctly. You can see the problem below. That’s how much slack there is between one strand versus the other.

Extra weft

Then I remembered the new shuttle that I had, the one that uses quills. Tah dah! 

When I first started to weave, many centuries ago, I used quills. However, I’ve slept since then, so winding the weft onto the quill takes a bit of practice. I’m using a 1/4 inch dowel to hold the quill, and dug this driver up from a long lost box. Wonder if I can also find the charger? 

And all is working now! I have not wound a huge amount onto the quill, although the shuttle-maker (High Desert Weaving) says that it will hold over 45 yards of a bulky yarn.

Quill in shuttle

Winding weft onto the quill

So, I’m a happy weaver again. Nevertheless, I’ll have to solve the winding problem at some point. It’s funny how sometimes there is no problem, but now there’s a huge problem.

Now, what are you working on? Do tell!

What’s on the loom (almost)

yarn-on-shuttle It’s been an interesting week in a sort of bad way. I went in for a crown on Monday, the dentist discovered another broken tooth, then a trip to the oral surgeon on Wednesday. Oh well, at least the directions say to do no strenuous exercise for a few days. Wonder if that includes mowing?


Squirrel cage with yarn on board. Yes, it’s a bad picture. The white sections top and bottom are because I straightened the picture.

Weaving is not too strenuous, and that’s what I want to do anyway. Above is my ikat weft on the shuttle ready to go. It’s interesting how these wefts look like absolutely nothing until the weaving begins. This particular warp had to be redone several times to get the width correct. It’s ready to go now–the first color before the above section has been balled up, ready to go on the bobbins. I am reminded again how much I like my squirrel cage from Hockett Would Work. The shuttle above is also one of his, which you can see better here. You can see a picture of his squirrel cages here. They are on the right at the back wall. I may have to check out the foot-powered skein winder next.