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The Great Yarn Hunt

Order from Henry’s Attic

I’ve been using Henry’s Attic Crown Colony 2-ply yarns for ages and buy it in huge quantities. And I like them. But I want to change the sett of my warp, which kind of requires a new yarn. Therein lies the dilemma. I want a single-ply yarn that I can use 3 strands as one. Blending gradations is so much better with three strands rather than two. I have found a few that might work, but at two or three times the cost! Yuck! Maybe I’ll have to spin my own, a way to while away and evening in front of the TV, I guess. Not sure I really want to do that. I did buy some silver mohair recently from Kai Mohair. She has beautiful angora goats on her place in the vicinity of Austin.You can see a picture of Persephone’s mohair here. I love it when you buy wool or mohair from the growers name their animals.

By the way, as I’ve said before, Henry’s Attic is the only company I know of that does not have a website, nor do they accept credit cards. Actually that’s not quite true. They have a one-page website with their contact info on it. But I love doing business with them. Very nice folks.

Also, I sent out my newsletter on Sunday. In looking at my records, the last newsletter I sent was a year ago. And this one was short with lots of pictures. If you want to sign up, there’s a form here on my website. I am hoping to have another newsletter out in about a month. Then there will be a hiatus again.