Taking the day off

Ikat tied and laid out in order

Today is declared to be a day off–after cleaning the studio. All of those bits of ikat tape are driving me nuts. If I would wear shoes, I probably wouldn’t find them all over the house, but …

Though, I say it’s a day off, it really isn’t, but it will be spent doing things other than tying ikat, which, by the way, is done for this project. I laid all the sections out in order to take the picture above and discovered that I had not done one section. You can see the cartoon on the left. Back to the ikat table and NOW I’m done. As for those other things, the list is a mile long, but maybe a visit to the book store will be added and crossed off first.

Spice of the month club

Spice of the month club

For Mother’s Day, my daughter gave me a subscription to the Spice of the Month Club. After rolling my eyes at this, my sisters and I thought this would make a fun once-a-month dinner for us to have at our mother’s house. We decided that five-ish on a Sunday would be good for all of us. I will cook the recipes that come with the spices, and everyone else would bring something to go with the month’s theme. We’ve done this once now and declared it good. As you can see from the picture above, last month’s theme was Jamaica. I’m not a huge fan of jerk, but this was used on fish, and surprisingly, everyone enjoyed it, especially with the mango salsa. This month I get to cook ribs for the first time in my life, and make ice cream in the ice cream maker I bought on sale and never used. The theme is Memphis spice. Spice ice cream, anyone?

Addendum: I have removed all links because I was receiving several emails per week about these links from the company. Sometimes more than once daily. Evidently they were broken, but the information contained here can no longer be found anyway.

There is a problem with this whole thing, however. These recipes can never be duplicated. You can’t buy the spices individually or even the grouping for the month. I asked.

The next dinner will have a Baltimore spice theme and include shrimp. Yum!

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