The finishing blues


I’ve been trying to divide my studio time between weaving and doing finish work. I REALLY don’t like the finishing! (You may have seen my whiney postings on Facebook.) I working on my attitude, but a finishing fairy would be much better. So, because of a couple of deadlines coming up, I sat down last night and made a list of all the details that need to get done in the next 10 days, then plugged those into my calendar. Sometimes it worries me that I am so visual and have to see things plotted out like that, but it just is.image

I found an At-A-Glance paper calendar that I like, even though I love having my computer calendar and smart phone calendar. With the paper calendar, I can block out sections of time in that all important (to me) visual way. This particular calendar has a section on the right to make those to-do lists. Most of my list items carry on to the next week. I am trying to train myself to pick out three main things to accomplish the next day instead of having that humongous to-do list staring me in the face.

In the other structure-making part of my life, things haven’t gone as well this week. Not regression back to pre-structure-making, just not as well. It’s hard to get up at six when one does not fall asleep until one. Stopping all screen-related activities did not seem to help with the sleep, as I had read that it might. Will move on to Plan B, as soon as I figure out what Plan B is.

3 thoughts on “The finishing blues

  1. Laura

    I was whining about not being able to fall asleep to my massage therapist – she recommended a cool pack over the forehead. Remember those gel filled masks? Maybe they really do work? And I hear you about the finishing – I’m still working on my mountain of fringe twisting. :}

  2. Rebecca Mezoff

    Wow Sherri. Do you actually needle in each of those warp ends? Why do you do it that way? Do you not put a hem in it? I seem to remember your pieces don’t have warp at the bottom. I do the damascus edge, needle in about 4 ends, sew with sewing machine x 2 across those ends then chop them off short. They’re inside a hem and I’ve never had them come loose. But then I sew in all of my tails which takes FOREVER, so I know where you’re coming from.

  3. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Thanks, Laura. I’ll try that. Last night was great. Maybe there will be a cumulative effect eventually, if I keep getting up early.

    Rebecca, on pieces that are conceivably for the floor, I do the needle weaving of the warp ends. If the piece is small, and it’s not likely to ever grace the floor, I hem. Fringe wears and gets tangled on rugs. All finishing is a pain in some way. Lacks the creativity and excitement of seeing the piece “become,” I guess.


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