Favorite tools

Navajo-beater One of my favorite weaving tools is broken, and a replacement has not been found yet. I bought this beater/fork a jillion years ago from Weaving Southwest. It’s about 12 inches long–longer than any others that I’ve been able to find. The spaces are perfect for my 4-epi rug weaving. They are out of stock at Weaving Southwest, so I’ve been looking for others. How did this one get broken? It was dropped too many to times. It only got used when I advanced the warp too far, so most of the time it sat on the bench, only to get knocked off constantly. When/if I find a new beater, I am going to drill a hole in the handle, thread a ribbon through the hole, ad wear it around my neck, like some people do with their scissors.

What are your go-to tools? Do you have a beater you love?

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