Unintended design

imageDoes anyone remember this toy? It’s the Spirograph. I played with one about a kazillion years ago. I would always about halfway finish my design, then something would slip and the design would be ruined. imageSeveral years ago, I bought this book from Klutz at one of the art museums, thinking that surely I could do this better now. Wrong! I would still get so far in the design and something would slip. Must be that I can’t do the contortions necessary for completing the design. Warp_markingsWarp_markings2And why am I mentioning this at all? I mention this because my warp looks like a spirograph. After marking the design on the warp, I realized that it was upside down. So I turned the cartoon to the correct direction and marked again with a different color. Then I decided a correction needed to be made and went back to the cartoon-drawing table. Then there was a third color. My warp is actually very attractive. Maybe I should weave the unintended design.

By the way, Klutz has lots of really interesting and fun books, and even though they are supposedly for kids, there are others that I’m tempted to buy. I’ve been thinking for years about the knot book. They can also provide extra supplies in case you run out of the original included supplies.

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