Waiting Rooms, Quilts, and Willows

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I never mind waiting the requisite time at airports. When I need to get the oil changed in my car, I always go prepared to spend time—lots of it. Sometimes I’m out too soon and sometimes not soon enough, but I usually enjoy the forced quiet time. Yesterday the waiting room was full, so I settled in with a book and my bag of other things to do, in case boredom overcame me with the book. Waiting rooms are usually the same: there’s the ubiquitous TV playing at a volume that makes it difficult to hear or that is irritatingly loud. There are people who want to strike up a conversation with their closest neighbor and those who talk all the way across the room. Yesterday my attention was diverted from my book by the cast from Million Dollar Quartet on the Today Show. Made me want to hop on a plane, catch a few shows, go to a few museums, ride a few subways … There are more YouTube videos on the show’s website.

I love the subject matter of this quilt, as well as the way it appears to be constructed in sections. Read the article about Nellie Durand’s “orts.” You can see some smaller versions of the flowers here. And don’t you just love the title of this piece? That’s exactly what the prairie does every year.image Nellie Durand shows off her quilt, “Prairie Performance,” hanging at Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Ill.

In Fiberarts magazine, there is an article about Bonnie Gale who makes living willow sculptures. Take a look at the pictures under Living Willow Structures and on the Fiberarts link. imageI enjoyed reading about the willow harvest on the blog Two Red Threads and directions for making a trellis of willow.

There is another article about the composted tapestries of Dorothy Clews and Linda Wallace—interesting concept.

by Mary Lane
The buried and exhumed tapestries of Dorothy Clews and Linda Wallace unearth the transformative power of nature.

In glancing through the magazine, there are several articles that deserve more study. Which will happen another day…

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