Starting over

After trying to like what I had on the loom, I finally cut it off and started again. Since I have to keep up with the warp that I use, I wasted a total of 22 inches on the cut-off section. I recently put 33 yards on the loom, and I try to keep up with every bit that I use. It’s horrible to be in the middle of a project and to realize there’s not enough warp to finish. Now I’m happy and really ready to weave. I decided that I was being to0 literal in using the colors of the domes in the Badlands picture. I am not pictorial at all, so back to the drawing board. Plus, I think I was trying to use some of those greens that were the wrong colors for the commission piece.

Today is not going to be a weaving day, but I’ll be ready to start fresh tomorrow. Today is the regular house blessing (aka cleaning) and a guild board meeting. Guess I should get busy, right?

Guild pictures

I uploaded new images to our guild web site. My friend Margaret Humphries as a new piece that’s a sculpture. Take a look at it here.

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