Weaving: What’s on the loom


I have been spending many hours at the loom, trying to finish a couple of pieces while the yarns are being dyed. When I spend too many hours weaving, I begin to want a standing loom. But if I had a standing loom, I’d probably want a sitting loom! I’m really enjoying the colors in this piece, which is somewhat surprising. My usual go-to colors are reds, purples…. The brown here is especially rich, with the idiosyncrasies of hand-dyed yarn. I’ll check later, but I think the dye formula has red, yellow, and turquoise.

In my new-found maturity—hehe :>), my reading habits have changed. I no longer read a book to its bitter end when I don’t like the book. That used to never happen. I recently picked up My Lost Daughter by Rosenberg. I’ve decided that I don’t like the characters and will return it to the library unread. On the other had, I also got On Folly Beach by Karen White. Now I’m not saying this is great literature, but the characters were appealing and reading about the history involved in the plot was interesting. Some of the plot was a little implausible, like the love notes being written in the margins of books, but overall it was a good read. When I looked this one up, I found that there are many books written about Folly Beach. Maybe I’ll have to read others just out of curiosity.

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