What to weave next…

Swirl_on_floorAmidst all the stuff I have been doing related to estate details, closing of a business, payroll taxes, sales taxes, etc. I would really like to decide what I’m going to weave next. Seems that just a few weeks ago, there were lots of ideas floating around in my head, but there was no time. Now the time issue has eased but there are no ideas. I really, really don’t like what I cut off the loom. It will never see the light of day! I need something to weave that will be somewhat consuming, but that does not require too much of me mentally, and that does not require lots of dyeing right now. I want to get back to dyeing, just not now. So I decided to do another swirl piece. The cartoon is already done and is ready to go. And it’s a type of weaving that does not require exactness, kind of freeform. Since I already have yarns dyed in teals, blues, and purples, that’s the way I’m going. Here is kind of what I’m aiming for, Swirls_greens-to-purplesbut the colors are not exact. I’ll post a picture of the various yarns later this week, but they are all laid out on the floor, and it appears that there are enough colors. Yeah!

Later I want to do the same idea with blacks and browns. Just not sure how to get enough different colors from browns. But I need to do some experimenting for another idea I have, so I will be dyeing lots of colors in various dye strengths—eventually! And I’ve been fascinated with optical illusions of curves for a while, so I may need to try a couple of those, all of which requires dyeing.

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