Art on the plains

You can see why driving through west Texas requires a really alert driver. Things to look at are few and far between. I have only seen Cadillac Ranch from a distance, never stopping, but was reminded again about it when I read parts of the NY Times this morning–and not in a good way. The picture above comes from a website called Two Guys and a Map Riding in Ron’s Car Tour. Sounds interesting.

The best I can tell, each car was its original color, but somewhere along the way that changed. Which is better? Although we’re not supposed to like graffiti, I like those best.

I also read about a potter that developed a technique to put the designs on the outside of his pots while it’s on the wheel. I would like to see that demonstrated.

News in the doldrums department–I am cleaning up my studio, moving a large piece out of there so that there will be room to park the baby loom. Maybe it will actually get warped.

Now a question…I received a phone call today from someone who had seen my work online. He wanted my address, which I was reluctant to give, of course, and he wanted to visit one night this week. I explained that my mother was in rehab, so my time was not really my own right now. But I really didn’t want a stranger coming to my house at night. So I told him a general square foot price, and as I thought, he quickly demurred. It was to be a Valentine gift, and I have to commend him for that. The questions is: Do you think prices should be on websites or not? Thoughts anyone?

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