Another Kind of Art


It seems that our family started a new tradition last year. I had a free subscription to Country Living magazine, and when the Halloween issue arrived, I was in hog, hmmm…Halloween heaven! So many ideas to try out with simple, easily found materials. This year I made a special effort to buy the Halloween issue before I traveled to Charlotte for a visit last week. The above gaggle of ghosts is made with those fold out honeycomb bells, construction paper facial features, and then covered with cheese cloth. The boys and I had experimented with paper cutting before and were excited to see these spiders. You can get the templates for the designs online. They’ve made it really easy!

SpidersThe fallen leaves would have made another great paper cut out like the spiders. A new take on cutting out paper dolls, something my grandmother was excellent at. My mother remembers her cutting out amazing things when she was a child, as do all of us grandchildren. You can read my mother’s remembrances here. She’s a very good writer.

Then, of course, there are the Halloween cookies to make. This year the whole process went much smoother. Amazing what a difference another year of maturity can make!Cookies2 Decorating-cookies A little fall gardening was being accomplished also. Here’s just one picture of a beautiful mum plant waiting its turn to be planted.Before

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