Another lesson learned


Keep in mind–these pieces will be about 30 or more feet from each other when displayed.

paraments-not mirror image

paraments–not mirror image

Before writing this post, or at least titling it, I realized that I’ve written about learning lessons fairly often, so I did a search for “lessons.”  No matter, I’ve got another lesson learned. As you may remember, I’ve been doing a commission of paraments for a local church. Now usually, when I do commissions, I dye the yarns, then go to the client’s house (or in this case, the church) and get approval for the yarns. This commission was voted on by a committee, and though I had submitted some of the yarns, not all of the colors were dyed at the time. In planning the weaving, I put all the colors on the floor and arranged and rearranged them until I found the order that I thought looked best. Here’s the lesson: I should have taken all those yarns and spread them out in the sanctuary. It never occurred to me that the lights would affect the colors so much. One of the greens, obviously a green, albeit an olive-y green, looks brown in those lights. And it’s in the middle! It bothers me, but one of the ladies mentioned how that color looked good with the wood of the pulpit. I know, this is the usual thing. The maker sees all the flaws, although I guess it’s debatable if this is a flaw or not. So, lesson learned! Even though it might inconvenience people, ask to go into the sanctuary and check out the colors. Go into the living room and check out the colors. Go!

Paraments-mirror image

Paraments–mirror image

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