Baby, it’s cold outside

Yep, bitterly cold. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to stay home and hibernate–the best thing about cold weather, and I’m digging deep for that.

Here’s what’s on the loom. My four-at-a-time weaving, and I’m not sure I’m a fan of weaving like this.


In order, here’s the inspiration for these pieces. As you can see, I’ve taken some liberties with the colors in these weather maps. They’re all weather maps for my area in Texas.

Weather-maps In other news, I have recently taken Alyson Stanfield’s Organize Your Business class. I still need to tackle my image files, but everything else is pretty organized. One of the good things about this class is the Facebook group for the class members. It’s nice to know that you’re not alone. One of the lessons was about staying organized. That means mindfulness, paying attention to where you’re putting things down. That’s my biggest issue.

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