Back to normal—almost

On_loom_June_2012After today, I should be back to normal, whatever that is. Well, except for all the painting of walls and bookshelves and replacing the floors in two rooms. Oh, and taking an itty bitty computer lesson so I can help my mother. But at least I can get back to weaving. There are only about three inches left to weave on the current piece, and I’d really like to get that done. However, a photographer is coming to take studio pictures, and I kinda figure there should be something on the loom for pictures. And why haven’t I been using this down time wisely by planning the next piece? Well, because I have been reading. Novels. Pure escapism. And proud of it! Not really, there’s a smidgen of guilt about it. In the meantime, sunflowers in an old blue-glass Mason jar makes me smile.


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