Black Cloth Dolls


I recently read this book by Earlene Fowler. The main character is Benni Harper, a quilt expert who is head of a quilt museum in a fictional (I think) town in the central coast area of California. In this particular book, the plot centers around possible race issues and features a group of African-American quilters and black cloth dolls. I always find the subtle historical references interesting and was pleased to find the website and a source for information about black cloth dolls at the end of the book. Even though I don’t quilt, I own several old quilts, both bought and quilted for me by my aunts. All are the more traditional quilt designs that have been around forever. The ones quilted by my aunts contain many pieces of fabric from my childhood clothes—a  visit down memory lane!

imageYou’ve heard that motto, “You’ve come a long way, baby.” Take a look at the slide show of women’s fashion over the years. When I look at the obituaries in the morning paper, I can often guess the women’s ages by their hair styles. It would be interesting to see a slide show of only hair styles over the years.

I am now going to work on designs for the afternoon. Once I get that done, I will know how wide the next warp should be. I estimate that I am going to be able to weave 2.5 pieces on the warp that remains on the loom. Gotta plan that 0.5 piece!

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  1. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    I do too. There’s always a little tidbit of knowledge to be absorbed from them. I used to castigate myself for reading mysteries, but no longer. Much information to be gained from culture, geography, textiles, arts, etc.


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