Board 1

Here are pictures of Board 1 of the latest ikat wrapping. The first picture shows one of the labels cut from a Tyvek envelope. This one is for the front left, where the wrapping began. There is also a label for the right back, the part where the measuring ended. The labels are important because things can be forgotten before the actual weaving starts. I also use masking tape for labeling, but some people have problems with this. I once laid out the wrapped ikat project in the correct order for weaving, but forgot what was what before I got around to weave it. When weaving ikat, it needs to be put on the shuttle starting with the back, so that your beginning is actually in, well, the beginning.

This project only has 4 wraps per peg, so slipping off the pegs has not been a problem. However, when bouts of 24 wraps are done, there’s another step to keep them from slipping off the pegs during wrapping. I use really heavy duty rubber bands “twined” around the pegs. Seems to work.

This is one section. There are two more boards to do. The next two are diamonds.

This picture shows a close-up of the twining done on each side close to the pegs of the ikat board. this helps keep everything orderly for the dyeing process. Once (and only once!) did I not do this step. What a mess!


The other day I heard a program on NPR about scanning old photographs. That made me remember that my scanner has a thingy for doing slides. So, I’ve been scanning old slides of family vacations, four at a time—not a fast process, but much cheaper than the alternative. What a trip down memory lane! Some of the slides look like negatives—does anyone remember negatives? I thought they were lost until I discovered the ‘invert’ feature in Photoshop. Hope to have this project finished by, oh, I don’t know—maybe Christmas? Can’t you see these on a DVD on the TV screen? I love this one of my daughter (she’s the tall one) and a friend running on the dock. And then there are all the people that I no longer know who they are…hmmm.


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